Therapy Services Institute

The Therapy Services Institute at TSAOG Orthopaedics provides optimal rehabilitation programs for sprains/strains, fractures, arthroscopic procedures, joint replacements and surgery.

Our patients are educated in a functional approach toward their therapy. Our goals are to focus on maximum functional recovery and to educate the patient in how to manage their recovery and prevent re-injury. Simply put, your health is our mission. For this purpose, our therapists have assembled a Total Care approach to enable the finest outcome for your care.

Your Orthopedic Therapy Options:

Whether you are seeking therapy as a conservative treatment method, in preparation for an upcoming surgery, or to help you recover following a surgical procedure, our licensed therapists and staff will work together to optimize your functional potential. Effective communication and open dialogue with our physicians also assist in your recovery and healing process.

We currently offer orthopedic therapy services at 7 locations in and around San Antonio, TX, including:

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